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As you already know, my name is Gill. 

I am Leo's mummy. 

I am also a published Children's Picture Book

Author, a Multi-Sensory Storyteller, a Storysharing®

Licensed Practitioner and a Story Massage

Programme Practitioner.

Ultimately, I'm a big kid who loves stories!

Here you'll find a bit more about my background, what I do and why I do it.  

Thanks for being interested!


All About Me

Most people that meet me now are surprised to learn that my last job was in Financial Services. I have a degree in Marketing and my husband and I worked together, running our own business in Edinburgh.  


That all changed when Leo came along, our beautiful little boy with a number of very complex needs. Knowing we may not have long with him, my husband and I were fortunately both able to take extended leave to spend as much time with him as possible. Luckily for us, Leo lived much longer than the doctors expected him to, though his life was not easy and he required round the clock care.

Leo and his daily battle with epilepsy inspired me to write Leo and the Lightning DragonsLeo always enjoyed being read to and particularly loved the rhythm of a rhyme, but I wanted to share my love of stories with Leo in a way he could understand and appreciate.  This led me to Multi-Sensory Storytelling - using sensory props to enhance a story and allow it to be experienced with all the senses - and PAMIS (Promoting A More Inclusive Society) and from there, to the Story Massage Programme - combining the creativity of story, song and rhyme with the benefits of positive touch -and Storysharing® - enabling children and adults with communication difficulties to remember and tell their own stories.

My passion lies in learning how to bring stories to life for people, whatever their needs and abilities.


And if I'm honest, I really do enjoy playing with dragons!

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