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Multi-Sensory Storytelling

As the mother of a child with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), it is extremely important to me that everybody is able to enjoy stories regardless of their abilities.  With Multi-Sensory Storytelling, we don’t just tell a story, but we use objects or sensory props to enhance the story and allow it to be experienced with all the senses, to help bring it to life for the person experiencing it.


So rather than just listening to the words, they become involved in the story… a part of the story. 

More information on Multi-Sensory Storytelling can be found on PAMIS’ website. They also have a wonderful booklet called 'Multi-Sensory Story Making', which you can access here.


I first worked with PAMIS (Promoting a More Inclusive Society) in 2018, adapting 'Leo and the Lightning Dragons' as a Multi-Sensory Story.  I have written and recorded Multi-Sensory Stories for PAMIS, OnFife Libraries and The Byre Theatre's Sea Path Project.

You can access some of these stories by clicking on the links below.









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